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     Calling Keston Carpet Cleaner for domestic cleaning was perhaps the best thing I could've done. They certainly made my life easier
Cyrus W19/05/2020
     We've had a good working relationship with this company for over 15 years. They are seasoned office cleaning professionals and have been with us through three office moves. The only cleaners that we've ever used.
Shirly D.20/09/2019
      Clean Carpet Keston did a terrific upholstery cleaning job on my sofa and chairs recently. I couldn't afford new ones so decided to have them cleaned by the professionals. The procedures were eco friendly and cheap and really worked.
Lisa Bennett14/07/2015
     My friends all want to know how I manage to keep my house looking so spotlessly clean, and though I'd love to take the credit, I've just recommended Keston Carpet Cleaners to them as my secret weapon! Hiring professional cleaners was a fantastic decision for me, and I love not having to panic about my cleaning. 10/10 - always impressed with this company!
Jess E.29/01/2015
     Domestic cleaners are very easily available, but domestic cleaners like Keston Carpet Cleaners are extremely rare. These guys have always been fantastic in the time that I have used them, and I can't fault their dedication to getting a good job done well. I always come home to find the house cleaned well, but never disrupted, which is essential, as you don't want to have to run around like a mad thing trying to find things that have been moved from where you put them! I get on well with all of the cleaners that they send round, which is essential as well, as I don't think I could bear to have someone I didn't really like around the house!

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